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True Kit vs. Takacat: A Comparative Review of Leading Inflatable Catamarans

True Kit vs. Takacat: A Comparative Review of Leading Inflatable Catamarans

At True Kit, we're committed to innovation, quality, and the continuous improvement of our inflatable catamarans. We believe that to stay at our best, it's essential to benchmark ourselves against the best. With this in mind, we've turned our attention to Takacat, a respected inflatable catamaran brand known for their exceptional designs and contributions to the inflatable boat market. 

Our aim is not just to compare but to learn and ensure that we keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the inflatable catamaran market. Recognizing that both brands share a passion for enhancing the boating experience, we are going to put them up against each other in a friendly head-to-head. 

TakacatTrue Kit Discovery high capacity inflatable catamaran

Join us as we do our best to objectively explore the unique offerings and strengths of both True Kit and Takacat, inviting you to decide which brand resonates more with your boating lifestyle.

Design Philosophy and Usability

To start off, both True Kit and Takacat are built on the inflatable catamaran concept, promising amazing stability and efficiency on the water. Our True Kit Discovery model features a design that elevates the bow for a drier ride, while Takacat's design may offer an easier boarding experience due to the bow being lower to the water. Design preferences are subjective depending on your use case!

Diverse Range of Models

At True Kit, we offer a variety of models tailored to specific activities, like open bow landings (Discovery), yacht tendering (Navigator), inflatable fishing (Tactician), and portable rowing (Stowaway). Takacat focuses on simplicity with a selection of open and closed bow models. Our approach is to provide a comprehensive range that meets the varied needs of boaters, reflecting our commitment to versatility and innovation. 

Material Selection

We choose Valmex®, a German-engineered fabric known for its exceptional durability and performance, for our boats. Valmex is made by German textile giant Mehler.  Takacat opts for a different route with an Asian-made PVC. Material choice is crucial for the longevity and resilience of inflatable boats, and we believe in the superior qualities of Valmex® for ensuring our boats stand the test of time.

Construction and Durability

In our construction process, we utilise thermo-welded seams, a method preferred for its resistance to environmental wear and tear. Takacat uses traditional glued seams, which have their own set of advantages, like allowing the boats to be more competitively priced. However glued seams become much less reliable after a few seasons in hotter climates. Our preference for thermo-welding stems from its proven durability and reliability in various conditions, regardless of the increase in cost.True Kit choose to use thermo-welding to bond the air holding seams of their inflatable boats

Transom Design

True Kit employs a sophisticated aluminium structure for its transoms, offering unmatched stiffness and strength for effective power transfer, alongside innovative scupper systems for dryness and safety. In contrast, Takacat opts for an open stainless tube system, prioritising simplicity and fast water drainage, albeit with the possibility of water re-entry. For us, this is a big advantage of True Kit, and one of the main features we love to show off! True Kit's aluminium transom is incredibly stiff yet still very light weight

Price vs. Value

While Takacat boats might be more accessible price-wise, at True Kit, we focus on the value delivered through high-quality materials, advanced construction techniques, and thoughtful design. Our pricing reflects the premium quality and durability of our boats, aiming to provide long-term value to our customers. 

Warranty and After-Sales Support

We are proud to offer a 5 year warranty, demonstrating our long term confidence in our products. Our direct to customer model ensures that customers get the best price, without any middlemen, while also allowing customers to easily get in touch with us for any inquiries or assistance. Takacat's 3 year warranty and its distribution model offer different advantages, including ease of purchase depending on distributor locations, but become more difficult when warranty problems arise.

True Kit inflatables carry a 5 year warranty


Both True Kit and Takacat boats are CE certified, ensuring they meet high standards of safety and performance. This common ground speaks to the commitment both brands have to quality and regulatory compliance.CE certification for a True Kit Discovery 400

Portability and Setup

Both brands excel in making their boats portable and easy to set up, reflecting a shared understanding of boaters' needs for convenience and efficiency. Takacat offers the ability to completely remove the transom for easier packing, however True Kits no-tool setup can get you out on the water in minutes.

Rubbing Protection

Both True Kit and Takacat boats are equipped with robust rubbing protection along the bottom of each tube and additional bumper strips along the tube's outer edge. This attention to detail ensures that both brands provide durable solutions to withstand the rigours of regular use and environmental exposure.


The inflatable catamaran design chosen by both True Kit and Takacat offers exceptional stability on the water, a testament to the innovative approach of both brands. This design choice underlines a shared commitment to safety and performance, making both brands a strong contender for those prioritising stable and secure boating experiences.True Kit inflatable catamaran showing the amazing stability of the platform


In terms of weight, both brands have worked meticulously to ensure their boats are lightweight, enhancing portability without compromising on durability. The close weight range between True Kit and Takacat models highlights both brands' success in achieving an optimal balance of lightness, strength and balance.The lightweight True Kit Navigator can be carried by a child

Hand Pump

True Kit provides a proven Bravo hand pump with its boats, renowned for its reliability and ease of use. Takacat also includes a hand pump with their models. 

Rowing and Towing

Both brands utilise the inflatable catamaran platform not just for stability but also for efficiency in rowing and towing. This design ensures low drag and excellent tracking, making both True Kit and Takacat boats a pleasure to row and tow. True Kit's addition of a specially designed towing bridle setup, depending on the model, further enhances this capability.True Kits tow very well

Accessorising the Boats

At True Kit, we've developed an exclusive range of accessories designed to complement our boats, from QuickLok Dinghy wheels to under-seat bags and bimini canopies. We use Railblaza Ribports on all our models to open you up to a range of Railblaza accessories, like phone holders, fish finders, lights, and more. While Takacat also offers accessories like transom wheels, our focus is on providing a comprehensive suite of options that enhance the functionality and enjoyment of our boats.True Kits can be loaded with accessories to enhance your boating experience


True Kit offers solid aluminium bench seats, optimising space within the boat and allowing for additional storage solutions like seat bags. Takacat opts for inflatable seats, which, while more portable, take up more space onboard. 

Community and Feedback

We take pride in the positive feedback from our community, as evidenced by 4.9/5 rating in customer reviews, you can read them [here]. This support reflects the satisfaction of True Kit users and our ongoing commitment to excellence. We also have a great community of boaters on Facebook, join our growing community - True Kit World

In closing, both True Kit and Takacat have crafted their inflatable catamarans with care, innovation, and a deep understanding of boaters' needs. As True Kit, we strive to deliver unparalleled quality and performance, but we acknowledge the strengths and appeal of Takacat's offerings. With this comparative analysis, we invite you to consider the features, benefits, and values of both brands.

Which do you think is best? Your preferences and priorities as a boater are the ultimate guide in choosing the inflatable catamaran that's right for you.
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