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Sailing Fair Isle - Guest Blog Post

Sailing Fair Isle - Guest Blog Post

We are Steve and Judy and we have been living aboard and sailing our cutter rigged Hans Christian 48T, Fair Isle, for the past five years.

The Truekit 250 is perfect for us. It is so light, we can easily lift and stow it on the deck when we are on passage. The stability makes it is easy to get into and feel safe when doing so. 

We have an Epropulsion electric engine which we pair with the True Kit, Shetland 1. We have been able to take Shetland 1 through the canals of Venice, as well as lift her out onto the beaches in Portugal.

On long passages we can deflate her and easily stow away in the sail locker. We have a YouTube channel called Sailing Fair Isle where we document our sailing journey. I know many of our viewers have also bought a Truekit dinghy and tell us how good they are to use all over the world.  

When we first bought Shetland 1 we did a review on our channel which you can see here:

One of my saddest moments since living aboard Fair Isle was when Shetland 1 was damaged beyond repair in a storm in Sicily. We considered other options as a replacement but nothing compared to the Truekit so we are now sailing with Shetland 2. Most recently we have bought the Premium Seat Bag which is waterproof and can store our camera gear, as well as other items we want to take ashore.

We are now planning to leave the Mediterranean and sail across the Atlantic. Shetland 2 will be safely stored in the sail locker and we will remember all those trips across the bays in Greece and Turkey and others we look forward two over the next couple of years in the Caribbean.

 Thanks True Kit for a great all round tender.


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