The Stowaway - Portable Inflatable Dinghy

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Meet The Stowaway.  Our lightest and most portable boat ever.  The 2.2m tender that you can hide in the lazerette, take on the plane or fit on the front seat of your car.  Tipping the scales at a lightweight 14kg yet with enough volume that you can really load it up when you need to.  The Stowaway has been designed for effortless rowing with the same great catamaran platform of all our boats.  This catamaran platform also provides the stability needed when climbing in and out of the dinghy - none of that tippy feeling that you are used to.  Of course, The Stowaway uses the familiar True Kit standards of Valmex® fabric, thermo-welded seams and Valmex® non-slip deck covering.  

All Stowaways are Cool Grey colour.


All True Kit inflatable boats are designed to be packed down and travelled with. We use the finest German-made fabrics that are flexible and durable to be folded and unfolded again and again. Because our boats are so portable, you can take one anywhere.

Portable inflatable boats - True Kit
thermo-welded seams

The seam can be an inflatable boat's Achilles Heel - or the strongest part.  We choose to thermo-weld the seams on our boats  to create the strongest bond available (a permanent mechanical bond).  A welded seam on a True Kit inflatable actually becomes stronger than the fabric itself. Don't settle for glued seams.

Thermo-welding inflatable boat seams
railblaza fittings

True Kit partner with Railblaza to bring you the Ribports installed on the tubes of every True Kit. You can clip in oars, rod holders, lights and many other fittings into these ports.

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valmex fabric

Quality and durability were uppermost in our minds when we were choosing the materials for the True Kit range.  After extensive research and testing we chose the world’s leading, premium fabric for inflatable boats - Valmex® by Mehler Germany. 

•Mehler has over 60 years’ experience in the development of textiles

•Mehler uses the most advanced technology to ensure their high quality, German made textiles are longer lasting

•The Valmex® fabric demonstrates superior flexibility, elasticity, airtightness and resistance against mechanical damage and UV

•Valmex® is recyclable

•Manufactured in Germany under the internationally recognised standard of quality: ISO 9001:2008

Thermo-welding inflatable boat seams
catamaran stability

Experience what we call "stand up stability". The nature of inflatable catamarans means all the buoyancy is on the outside. This provides an incredibly stable platform for stepping in and out of the dinghy.

True Kit Stowaway dinghy


Check out the specifications of the tiniest True Kit of them all
portable inflatable dinghy - True Kit Stowaway tender
Stowaway 220
Colour Options
Colour Options

Boat Bag

72cm x 42cm x 20cm

(28" x 16" x 8")

max outboard
Human Powered
Additional Specs
Seats Supplied
1 (1 seat position)
Inside Beam
Tube Diameter
Transom Spec
No Transom
Scupper System
No Scupper
High Pressure Air
Air Chambers
Shaft Length

We offer a 5 year limited warranty on new boats.  Warranty terms can be found in the Warranty page on our website True Kit Warranty. Boats built with Valmex® 20 years ago can still be seen zipping around demonstrating exceptionally long life expectancy.

"The stowaway is so much fun to row and probably quicker getting to the beach too? At least lifting an outboard is not really fun." - Andrew Peacocke


Premium Valmex® fabric

Dedicated to true quality, we only use German-made UV-resistant Valmex®.

Precision thermo-welded seams

Welded, not glued, creating an unbreakable bond built to outperform and outlast the competition.

Ultra rigid AirDeck

High Pressure Airdeck with thermo-welded seams for durability and Valmex® SkidProof covering for safety and grip underfoot.


What's in the box?

With your Stowaway, you will get:
Aluminium Seat
2-piece Aluminium Oar Set
Boat Bags
True Kit Bravo Hand Pump
Repair Kit

Is it ok to fold and unfold the boat multiple times?

Yes. We specifically designed our entire True Kit range with folding the boats up in mind.  This is one of the reasons we use the highest quality fabrics and construction available. Cheaper fabrics lose their flexibility and durability over time compared to Valmex® which maintains its suppleness over years of use.

Why should I choose a True Kit over another inflatable brand?

When you choose a True Kit inflatable, you know you are buying a quality product, designed by boaties, for boaties.  With all the noise out there on the internet, we know the decision can be difficult, so let’s look at what sets True Kit apart. 

Each True Kit inflatable is a unique design of ours.  At True Kit we design and test every model in our home waters in New Zealand.  We manufacture our boats out of the best available materials using the best technology and systems available and we sell the boats directly to you.  In short, we bring you the best inflatable boat at the best value.  The people behind True Kit have been around boats all their lives, they use boats on a daily basis, and they bring this experience to every boat sold. If you are comparing a True Kit boat to another brand of inflatable boat, make sure you read this detailed article Why True Kit are the best

What guarantee do you offer?

We offer a 5 year limited warranty on new boats.  Warranty terms can be found in the Warranty page on our website True Kit Warranty. Boats built with Valmex® 20 years ago can still be seen zipping around demonstrating exceptionally long life expectancy.

Please read our frequently asked questions to find out more.

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