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Brand New True Kit Bimini

Brand New True Kit Bimini

 With the intensity of the sun these days, it only makes sense to protect yourself from it when you’re out on the water. We started by trying to find a decent bimini top/sun shade to suit our boats and our quality standards. We were disappointed to find poor fitting bimini tops, poor and complicated designs and particularly low quality materials used to construct them.

True Kit Bimini

So we started the process of designing and building our own. Our requirements were for a lasting bimini that was 100% UV-proof and 100% waterproof. We wanted a bimini that was pre-assembled so our customers didn’t need to spend hours trying to put it together. It needed to be able to clip straight into the Railblaza Ribports for ease of installation. And we wanted a bimini that could be packed down into a manageable package but assembled and put up in a minute or so. Lastly, we wanted it to be study enough that it didn’t need to be folded down each time you are underway on the water. Easy right?

True Kit Bimini

After many hours of design and testing we are proud to introduce the True Kit Bimini. The fabric of choice is the European-made Stamoid®. It’s the stuff that Superyacht captains specify when ordering biminis and covers for their yachts. Stamoid® has all the UV and waterproof qualities needed for a bimini, it lasts incredibly well and also looks fantastic.  

Gore Tenara thread used on True Kit biminix

When we sew these tops together we use a high performance thread designed for outdoor and marine environments - Gore® Tenara PTFE thread. This thread is so durable it is guaranteed to outlast the lifetime of the fabric it is sewn into! It remains flexible and strong throughout exposure to the extreme conditions.

The lightweight aluminium frames we make are connected with aluminium rivets to minimise any corrosion. We have come up with a threaded pole system whereby the collapsible parts are always connected all of the time. All the pre-assembly work is done in our workshop.

True Kit Bimini

Our stay system utilises Marlow Pro Excel line for minimal drag and wind noise. These stay lines can be tightened and released through a captive Camcleat® locking system. You will love how easy it is to adjust the stays. The clips are marine grade stainless to clip onto your nearest anchor points on your boat. Our True Kit Biminis are built strong to be able to use when the boat is underway.

Clamcleat used on True Kit Bimini

When you receive your new True Kit Bimini it is nicely packed down into a compact package. Insert a couple of poles and pull the LockLine tight into the Clamcleat®. Then simply clip the poles straight into the Ribports on your boat and within a minute your True Kit Bimini is ready to go! 

True Kit bimini fitted into the Railblaza Ribport

At the end of your boat trip simply unclip and pack your True Kit Bimini down again to transport or store. We feel our True Kit Biminis are the best available small boat biminis in the world. 

True Kit bimini packed down into a box

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