What our customers say

I purchased a Discovery 330 as a tender to my 8m powercat and to be independent when required as a work boat. It will go into survey under my Maritime NZ MOSS MTOP. I have fitted it out with all the safety gear including Nav lights, EPIRB, propellor guard from Stainless design as recommended by Truekit. Truekit fitted additional D rings and supplied beach wheels which are very clever in their simplicity of attachment, retaining and removal. I can carry the boat on top of my truck or trailer. The boat handles well and enjoys a Parsun 9.8HP two stroke with a performance propellor. The boat and motor are light weight which suits me well as both are independently portable for someone who has been at sea for over 35 years. Very happy with the quality and service from Truekit - Maurice Perwick

In case you were wondering, we are loving the boat, and have made several successful fishing trips around the coorong area in South Australia. We have found the vessel very easy to transport, launch, and love the fact that we can travel in shallow waters and often take the vessel up onto a beach for a bit of land-based fishing or exploring. I am using an ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 electric engine, which also works well on the Navigator. - Steven Edgecombe

We purchased a True Kit Navigator 2.5 to use on our launch and couldn't be happier with it! We needed a tender that was light and easy to handle and the navigator has certainly delivered. Along with being great to handle we are loving the stability, so good for getting in and out of, off the back of the boat. It was super easy to set up, Rod and his team were really helpful and got us up and running with everything we needed. We consider this the best dingy we have ever owned and would happily recommend it. - Peter Heald

I am loving my Discovery 3.3. Now that I have a Tohatsu 9.8HP on it, it goes great with two people, and perfectly fulfills its mission of transporting two spearos and gear. I also find myself doing a fair amount of solo rod-and-reel fishing from it. - Ben Hirashima

We think it is exactly what we were looking for: tiny and light, yet because of its stability, it makes the whole vessel useable. Love the inflatable floor. Thank you once again for your support, and for offering a superior product, it is much appreciated! - Geoff Richards

We have had our Truekit Navigator now for some 3 months. It really is an excellent product to which a lot of thought has been given. It’s stability and the way it glides though the water under oar or motor is impressive.
We lived aboard for some 10 years so we know our dinghys and this is the best so far. - Vivienne Alastair

The boat is great and creating a stir wherever we go. Had 3 more potential clients from our time in Spirit's Bay. Catching heaps of fish including attached this morning on 12 lb braid on my softbait rig. It's not big but above minimum size. Caught a large number of snapper too. - Ross Hendry

We had an awesome few weeks with the boat. Took the kids out to watch dolphins and go for an explore, I got out for a few fishing trips which returned some snapper, kingfish and a gurnard though only a couple of keepers and we were able to do some scurfing. Everyone was super impressed and happy. Thanks again for all the help and advice. - Simon Hofmann

Hi Rod. You may remember we swam Rangitoto last year. This year Kawau Is.

Two Discovery's and 14 swimmers. Yep 7 on each.
Regards Tom King
Devonport Swim Club
We now have 3 in the club.
Another couple pending - Tom King

Love the boat. Service was great. - Jan Viljoen

Just to let you know, even though only used a few times so far, I am very impressed with the boat, especially its efficiency, compared to my previous (Whaly 310) used with the same 9.9 motor, there is no comparison. - Martyn Lane

We were looking for a new tender for our launch to replace our rigid bottom inflatable and came across the True Kit range. We purchased a Navigator 3m and can honestly say its the best tender we have ever had or used. would never go back to a conventional inflatable.
They are so stable, easily driven and easy to assemble.Harry Dodson

When we purchased our launch, we needed a new tender. Our first point of call was TrueKit. We had heard from other TrueKit customers that these tenders were amazing, and wow, we weren't disappointed! The quality of our new 3m Navigator was superb. It was very simple to inflate on the back of our boat and the stability of the Navigator was brilliant. Very safe and dry for all my family to use, and in the Winter months, we simply put it away in the bag and keep it inside our boat.Ian Darby

In its folded and bagged configuration the True Kit range is very portable and fits nicely into the boot of even the smallest car. Getting from bag to boat is easy and quick. Quality is the initial impression. They are immaculately presented and offer clean lines and sturdy construction.

Without a large, rigid hull to drag through the water, planing speeds were easy to achieve. Acceleration is instant with the air deck rising clear of the water to give a nice cushioning effect to the ride which was dry and comfortable in the left-over slop.Boating NZ Magazine

We had a great weekend down the bottom end of Waiheke and once again the True kit 2.5 m was a glamour. We had Lynda’s parents out for the day who are both in there 80s and got them ashore at Man of War for a few wines. This would not have been possible with the old inflatable as it was just to unstable and deep to step into. It was so easy for them to step off the duck board and onto the flat floor which is so nice on the feet plus being able to step off the front when you get to shore was perfect. The stability of these boat is something i have never seen before. Also the fact i have it deflated inside the boat now and out of the weather while i’m away is exactly what i wanted. Tony Rae

I can’t believe how tough these boats are. Bought one earlier this year. The floor blew out of the boat while transporting it on top a vehicle. It was ran over by a work van. I thought for sure it was busted. It’s still holding strong! Loving my Discovery! - Will Singleton

Boat looks great mate, pumped it up, repacked it into the van. Will be a glamma for what we need (travelling across Australia!) - Glenn Ashbey - Australia

Ciao mate!! Rib is working great, we did 24 knots on the gps in flat water! Mickey Cannoni - Genoa, Italy.

Thanks Rod. The navigator is performing brilliantly up here at Noosa QLD mate. Such a quality product that you've made. Tristan Giger Queensland, Australia.

We've been motorhomers for a while now and have been looking for some sort of water craft to "get out there". The True Kit Tactician really fits the bill. It is lightweight, stable and really high quality. John - Auckland.

I used to be right into kayak fishing when I discovered the True Kit Tactician. The convenience, practicality and quality are really impressive. Now I can get out on the water several times a week! Lance - Tauranga.

We researched what was available in the inflatable market. What we wanted was a run about, a fishing dinghy and a fun ‘wind in your hair’ biscuit tower. The Navigator 3.5 m simply blew the rest away. Rod Dawson’s extensive experience is reflected in the design. The materials and the finish are superior. I have owned other inflatable boats in the past. True Grit out surpasses all of them.
Phillip Maguire – Auckland

"We were looking for a boat that didn't take up too much room and that we could use as a family fun boat. The Discovery is perfect for us and the kids find it easier to climb back onto than other inflatables. Looks great, goes great. Thanks True Kit!" Mark - Auckland

Hi Rod, We really enjoyed meeting you today and picking up our Navigator. The time you spent explaining the features of this mighty little boat was appreciated by myself and Kit. We have already had it in the Manukau for a couple of hours this afternoon. It fair scoots along - so we look forward to fun and adventure this Sumer and many more ahead. Phil, Auckland.

We're proud that RAILBLAZA'S top-quality mounting systems have been specified for True Kit's innovative inflatables; both companies are dedicated to delivering superb products and our association is proof that kiwis continue to lead the world in marine design. Ross Pratt, Owner, RAILBLAZA

Hi Rod. First day serious fishing in the True Kit was very productive. I had to stop because the bin was full! Next one is today’s catch. All in less than an hour and the nearby bigger boats caught nothing. Size and quietness do make a big difference to catching fish. I’m really thrilled with the boat. Trying to convince my son to buy one too. Bruce - Auckland Thanks Rod appreciate that looking forward to the weekend catching plenty of fish in the harbour. Steve - Tauranga

We were lucky enough to pick up one of the very first True Kit Tactician's. We are thrilled with the quality and performance and can't wait until summer to get out after work in it most evenings. Ben - Auckland
The brand new True Kit that we received exceeded out expectations. Easy to set up, nice and light to pull down to the beach on the C-Tug trolley. We are using it on nice winter days and catching some very nice Snapper! Richard - Auckland
Great Quality Great Service

Boat is of great quality and as advertised. Service from staff was excellent. I added tow rings and a bridle after purchase as well as had questions re registration and everything was answered and completed easily and professionally. Boat was shipped internationally and the delivery was also excellent and seamless. Thank you. E G

Amazing service and product.

Many thaks to all.
JF Demole (Switzerland)

Great boat

The boat is easy to use and easy to stow. Works great with outboard motor or oars. No hesitation in recommending True Kit. There only negative is with regard to the padded seat bag I got to store the pump and such during excursions on the boat. The zippers simply aren’t up to the task and died quickly. Mark Barendt

Discovery 330

We are very happy with our Discovery 330. We are very impressed with its stability. The delivery was very fast to Canada. (6 days) The quality of this product is top notch! We put a Mercury 9.9 motor on it, which pushes 2 adults along nicely. It planed out much better when we removed the dingy wheels. Steve Hansen

Its good, does the job. Can be carried solo.

Does the job, quality is very high. I can store it in my ute canopy and handle myself. Btw, the dhl shipping they use was top notch. Mark Walker

First Class Service

Buying a boat unseen is never easy, especially when the purchase is from a different country however the team from True Kit answered all the questions that I had along with additional information that I requested that was un related to the sale of the boat. The ordering, shipping and delivery to Australia was seamless even with all the craziness due to COVID. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Matthew Sofi

True Kit Discovery….Best small boat you can buy

I live in the U.K. and ordered boat last year. Arrived quickly and hassle free. Rod was helpful and answered all my questions promptly.
Finally took it out today for a test run. Used an old 4hp two stroke as the new 15hp is still awaiting delivery. Really delayed due to Covid.
Super easy to transport. I have a van but you could fit it in a family sized car no problem. Have an electric pump and boat was inflated in no time.
Lots of people commented on the design and got several thumbs ups from other boaters.
My mate sat up front and liked the fact he could put his feet up on the scooped bow
Even with just 4hp boat went well and handled great . It’s comfortable and super stable.
Open bow looks like you’d get really wet but very little water came in.
Feels safe and handled superbly.
Construction is top quality but boat is so light.
Had a successful fishing session and caught some nice bass (catch and release) .
Love this boat. If you’re thinking about a new small craft, I reckon this is the one to get. It’s brilliant. Scott

Truekit Discovery 330

Awsome boat, super stable and top finish. Furthermore, very pleasant and fast service from True Kit! J. J. T. Kuitenbrouwer

Lots of fun!

I’ve only had 3 trips out in it, but lots of fun, easy to handle and stable enough for fishing in easy water. 15hp on it gives me 20knots on flat water. Roll on summer time. Fred

Discovery 3.3

I absolutely love it, I use it in open waters for spearfishing and fishing here in AUS.

It has been almost 2 years since I bought it, Couldn't be happier.
Thank you Rod for an amazing product. G.P.


Been fishing (with x4 of us(big swells)) 17 snapper! free diving and spear fishing as well and we got it there on our roof rack! Awesome!
Must say though only blew it up once by hand then ordered the electric pump which works amazing, I would whole heartedly recommend the electric pump 👍😁(and the boat, ours is the 3.3 discovery) Martin Stock

Discovery 400 Performance & Quality

The Discovery delivers performance and safety in one package. My family loves the boat, diving and fishing near shore and the easy beach / boat ramp launching and setup. The quality of the boat components and design are optimized to reward you with a stable, maneuverable and very strong boat design. Discovery planes easily on the water, cuts through moderate chop and is able to turn on a dime. I'm looking forward to many years of adventure and exploring Oahu bays and near shore waters with the family on board the Discovery. John McGuire

Very Pleased

We bought the boat unseen and imported it to the US. It took a little time to get all the documents straight with Texas Wildlife but Rod was a big help. He responded to emails quickly even being on the other side of the planet. We bought the boat as a tender for our new sailboat and could be more pleased with the performance. I paired her with a Mercury 15hp outboard and she flies, see the fun for yourself. The smile on my face should be enough. David Blackwell

High end product, worth the price

The boat is a high end product, very well designed and very well made. It is a bit on the pricey side but in my mind worth the price. Unfortunately there is no distributor in Europe and therefore the delivery is very expensive.
I am looking forward to ride the boat for many years to come. Thorsten Wilkens

World class quality

The TrueKit Discovery is nothing short of spectacular. The packaging and the materials are impressive. The pontoons, inflatable deck and transom provide a super stable well handling boat. I am totally satisfied with the purchase. Michael Barker

True Kit Discovery 330.

Very happy with the look and quality of my Discovery 330, it was matched with the customers service and shipping to Australia.
Pete Sullivan

Great boat

We love many of the details of the True Kit Discovery- how easy the wheels attach and detach, the great locking mechanism for the oars, the buoyancy of the boat. Overall a well thought out and great build quality. Colin Steeples

Navigator 350

I bought the Navigator 350 as a tender for my launch, it is super stable, easy to drag up the beach with the quick lok wheels and easy to manage when lifting onto the front of the boat with the davit crane, I powered it with a Yamaha 15F and it is a rocket. Chester Family Trust

True Kit Navigator 2.5met With Watersnake Brushless 70lb

Received my True Kit Navigator 2.5met from NZ to Australia in 5 Days, I am over the moon, it is what I have been looking for and Paired up with a Watersnake Advanced 70 lb brushless it is magic ! I now have the ultimate lightweight Fishing vessel. William Baldwin

It does the job!

I wanted to replace my Tinker Funsail (the Rolls Royce of light inflatables, pioneer of catamaran design, back in 2000) after 14 (yes!!!) years of good use for fishing. Criteria : the lightest possible for easy and back safe handling on the top of the car, and running fast enough with a 5HP. I made a serious Internet search for candidates and ended with True Kit Navigator and make it fly to the Caribbean from the other side of the world. It does perfectly the job and answer indeed the criteria and constraints placed. I dont know if it will also last 14 years but it is exactly what I needed and I do not see many serious competitors in that range... David Pimienta

Amazing, light weight, stable tender!

Having read and seen a lot about these tenders, we were not disappointed. Anyone that uses a tender and has to lug engines up and down from a fair height in choppy seas would benefit from its stability getting in and out and light weight for hauling on and off deck. Also v easy to pack down to original pack size for stowing away. Thank you v much! Sarah Iafrate

Very pleased with the fast delivery, customer support and what I experienced so far using the ten...

Very pleased with the fast delivery, customer support and what I experienced so far using the tender. I like the design and the way it is set up and thoughtful way with the valves, oar points and the bottom of the tender.

I have not used it long enough to have a full impression but what I experience so far, I give it five start and highly recommend this tender. IIjaz Hodzovic

Navigator 2500

The Navigator 2500 is fantastic . Plenty of room . Easy to assemble and easy to pack away . Highly recommended . Powered by a mercury 3.5hp , it planes easily .
Best on the market .😎👍. Scott Sommerville

Best inflatable tender I have ever purchased

I really enjoy using the True kit navigator. It inflates easily, stores great in the kit bag,is light in weight but very well built. It also rows like a dream which is something most don’t do well.I would highly recommend it as a good yacht tender
Bernie Shaw

Amazing Quality and Design - Navigator 300

We are so very pleased with our new Navigator 300. We watched several of True Kit’s videos on YouTube and were sold on this product. Much thoughtfulness went into the design of this inflatable and it fits our needs perfectly.

We have owned the Navigator 300 for a little over a month and become more impressed each day. There was a delay in our receiving our new ePropulsion 3 HSP Electric Engine which meant we needed to use the oars and row. Wow! So impressed with the rowing capabilities with this inflatable. Speeds through the water with great maneuverability! We now have the engine and will need to find another way to get some exercise (hahaha), but will always know just how easy the Navigator 300 is for rowing and if we ever were to lose the engine!

Many thanks to Rod and the staff at True Kit for providing amazing customer service and responsiveness throughout the entire purchase! We could not be any happier!

Keep up the great work Rod and True Kit and Thank You from the USA! Brian D

True kit Navigator 3.0M

Only been in the water once but very impressed so far. Richard Pozzey

Great boat

We bought the boat in the beginning of this year tocuae as dinghy to our sailing yacht. (Ovni 36). This week we first put it to the test and we’re so happy with it. Super quality product. And fast service... in a week the package was in Rotterdam. Thanks Rod! Marco Huvers

300 True Kit Navigator: All I could ask for.

The 300 True Kit Navigator arrived here in the UK far sooner than the locally acquired motor! Distance is clearly no object for True Kit NZ. It is considerably lighter yet offers more buoyancy than equivalent inflatable tenders - and appears to be much tougher too. I had the boat fitted with the excellent launch wheels so single handed taking ashore will be simple. I couldn't resist ordering two seat storage bags, one for each thwart, for their undoubted convenience. Inflating even with the hand pump is quick, packing into the supplied bags is a synch. I have ordered an epropulsion electric outboard to go with the True Kit based on the reviews Sailing Fair Isle posted (boat:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=264eu3FOh9w ) and (engine:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBaYYcIxonM ). True Kit offer an exemplary level of service with excellent communication. Their website is rich with video information which I found reassuring. In short; a fantastic tender - all I could ask for.
Five stars from me *****. Thankyou guys. Ronnie MacLellan

Top quality dinghy

Couldn't be happier with my 2.5m True Kit dinghy. So stable, easy to handle and pairs beautifully with the Torqeedo outboard. Recommended! Rod Cuthbert

Navigator 300

Customer Service was excellent, the company answered my questions promptly before purchase. Shipping was quick to the Western US, and packaged securely. Instructions clear and concise. Fit and finish seem excellent, and the boat rows very well. Stable to get in and out of. Have only used it rowing or with a 2.5 hp motor so can't comment on planing capability (2.5 hp ALMOST gets on plane with me and the dog. 210lbs total in that case). Once you know what you're doing you can inflate in under 20 min from the bag. Only giving 4 stars for two reasons:
1. The hose for the hand inflation pump is a little short when trying to inflate the boat on the deck of my 39ft sailboat. Would like the hose to be 2 ft longer. Shouldn't be an expensive upgrade aftermarket.
2. Would have preferred the option to purchase a UV cover for the boat direct from Tru Kit instead of needing a custom one made. Neil Stapish

Very good quality and fast delivery

I encountered this dinghy on youtube. I decided to buy one as a tender for my sailboat Breehorn 44 (Dutch brand). The dinghy was shipped after a couple of days and arrived in a week time in the Netherlands. I was impressed and by the unpacking I was again impressed by the quality. I think we will be very happy when using it. A. J. van der Hoek

True Kit Navigator

Really pleased with my True Kit Navigator. Great size , easy to row, very stable & easy to get in & out of. Fits really well on the sugar scoop stern on my 10m Beneteau. Did a full test at Mission Bay beach with my 7 year old grandson & boat was much admired. Great photos - I can send you a couple. Cheers Suzanne Bourke