Technical Information

TRUE KIT INFLATABLE BOATS - Technical Information

True Kit are committed to technological advancement and commitment to detail to bring you the very best inflatable boats.

Mehler Valmex fabric 0.9mm 1100 decitex

Valmex comes from Mehler Texnologies of Germany. Mehler has been producing the highest quality textiles for over 60 years and leads the way when it comes to fabrics for inflatable boats. Mehler brings the most advanced technology to ensure that Valmex is longer lasting, exceptionally flexible and durable, resistant to abrasion, chemicals and UV and has high adhesion and high air tightness. Mehler texnologies is a pioneer in weldable fabrics for boats. Made in Germany.

Thermo-welded seams

Thermo-welding produces the strongest bond (mechanical bond instead of a chemical bond) possible between two layers of pvc. A welded seam is up to four times stronger than a glued seam. A thermo-welded seam is stronger than the fabric itself and is made by fusing the two layers of fabric together. Our seams are also taped for extra protection and air tightness. The reason not all inflatables are welded is because 1. many fabrics are not up to being welded, and 2. It is a much higher skilled process which means it is more expensive.

Thermo-welded seams are perfect for portable inflatable boats

Double bonded transom

An extra strong marine plywood transom is permanently bonded into the tubes to create a rigid structure where it is needed the most - holding the outboard engine onto your boat. The rigidity from our transoms also mean all the power from your outboard is transferred into the water rather than just folding the tubes like on other tenders.

True Kit bonded in transom


New Zealand Made Railblaza RibPorts

New Zealand designed and made Railblaza RibPorts contain the famous and versatile Railblaza StarPorts. These StarPorts can hold your oars, rod holders, fish finder, phone or iPad or pretty much anything you can think up that needs to be held. Ribports are mandatory on all our boats.

True Kit use Railblaza Ribports


Self Draining cockpit

Non-return valve means the water that comes in is quickly dispersed through the self-bailer.

Self-draining scupper in the True Kit transom


4 Air Chambers (including Air Deck Floor)

All our pontoons are separated into multiple air chambers for extra safety and security. With the highest quality valves that we use, our pontoons stay air tight longer.

True Kit use the best inflatable valves


High Pressure Air Deck floor

Using the latest inflatable technology (called Drop-stitch technology) our high pressure Air Decks offer ultra-compactness when deflated, rigidity and comfort. When inflated to operating pressure the Air Deck feels as hard as a board, when deflated it rolls up like a blanket.

High pressure air deck on True Kit dinghies


2 x 2 piece aluminium oars

Quality 2 piece aluminium oars are easy to put together and portable to stow away. Easy to clip on and clip off in the Railblaza RibPorts.

Oars go into a Railblaza Ribport on True Kit inflatables


2 Velcro Oar Holders

Our custom hand-made oar holders securely store the oars out of the way when not in use, but are super handy to reach when needed. The benefit to you is that the oars aren't permanently on the tube - right where you want to sit!

Velcro oar holders for stowing the oars away inside the cockpit of the tender


2 Snug-fit Aluminium seats

Our durable aluminium seats are lightweight and strong, and when they are fixed into place they hold in place securely.

Aluminium bench seat used by True Kit

Valmex non-slip cover on Air Deck

Our boats now use the very latest non-slip cover from Valmex to provide a non-slip surface and extra abrasion protection on the deck.

Valmex non-slip fabric used on the True Kit air-decks for grip and abrasion protection

Multiple D-ring attachment points

Internal d-rings are great for securing all your equipment in the boat. Tie in your fish bags, coolers, gear bags. External d-rings provide a means to tie your boat up to the dock, secure an anchor or sea anchor and also for towing your boat.

Strong d-rings on a True Kit tender


Internal Handholds

Our boats are provided with multiple handholds so you can hold yourself securely in your boat.

Strong handles on a True Kit


Reinforced Lifting Handles

The reinforced lifting handles give a strong lifting point to get your boat from the car to the water.

The lifting handles are stitched for extra strength and durability.


Side Rubbing Strakes

Tough rubber rubbing strakes protect your inflatable boat against abrasion from other boats and wharves. Some boats also utilise the spray guard.


Rubbing strake on a Discovery inflatable

Heavy Duty bottom rubbing protection

Extra tough rubber rubbing protection protects the bottom of the pontoons from abrasive surfaces like beaches and rocks and also trailers and roof racks.

Rubbing strakes on a True kit for protection on the beach

Raised floor catamaran tunnel hull

Catamaran concept tunnel hull design provides multiple benefits: cushioned ride, low drag, sharp turning, fuel efficiency, high performance


European Envelope style bag

Our boats come with 2 boat bags to make it even easier to move the boat around. The boat bag is a European style envelope bag. Anyone who has used one of these bags will tell you how much easier to use they are compared to conventional zip bags. With tightening buckles you can really make the bag tight around the boat.

True Kit in the bag


True Kit Dual Action Hand Pump

Our True Kit hand pumps are the finest quality you will find. The offer 2 settings: high volume and high pressure to help you get the job done. They also have a gauge on the top so you can have the boat at optimal pressure at all times.

True Kit Hand Pump

Repair Kit

Each boat is supplied with a repair kit in case of emergency repairs.


Super Portable Design

Our boats are now more compact than ever for your Motorhome, Camper-van, RV, Yacht tender.

Each boat is now so compact that they can fit in the boot of a car, locker, storage unit or garage. They take up minimal storage space at home. Boat adventures are now available to everyone.

True Kit fits in motorhomes

5 Year Limited Warranty

Due to our superior material choices and best practice construction technologies, we now offer our customers a 5 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY.



Dare to Compare!! We invite people to compare the features, materials, construction and the quality. True Kit are committed to providing a quality inflatable boat for great value. Also read our blog post "It's all in the details"


Note: Please also check the specifications section on each individual boat for further information.