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The unbeatable convenience of a stable, lightweight folding inflatable boat that stows away in a bag makes True Kit the perfect solution for boaties, fishermen, motorhomers or backwoods explorers

The True Kit Concept

True Kit is an innovative, independent company that designs, tests and produces an exclusive range of ultra high quality, folding inflatable boats and kayaks. Founder Rod Dawson is a professional yachtsman who individually designs and tests each model to ensure they perform to True Kit standards. Rod loves nothing better than perfecting the ultimate folding inflatable boat.

“We help people to get out onto the water. Our goal is to make everyones boating experience better by making our inflatable boats lighter, more stable and the easiest in the world to pack down. Our boats are used as fishing kayaks, yacht tenders and rescue and support boats. A boat that is simple and fast to set up and fold down gets used a lot. Safety, reliability and stability and core values at the heart of each True Kit tender. We’ve brought some much needed fresh thinking to inflatables.”

Bringing fresh thinking to inflatable design

True Kit’s relentless drive to innovate and produce the best available inflatable boats has lead to the latest collection of True Kit New Generation designs. Our boats are designed and tested in New Zealand and sent all around the world.

All our inflatables are based on a safe, stable catamaran platform, and are designed to be lightweight and compact enough to fit into a bag. With this incredible versatility and practicality we haven’t forgotten performance however - all our boats deliver an exhilarating ride.

The Best Materials

We leave second best to the others.

Quality and durability were uppermost in our minds when we were choosing the materials for the new True Kit range. After extensive research and testing we have chosen the world’s leading, premium fabric for inflatable boats - Valmex® by Mehler Germany. With over 60 years experience in the development of textiles, Mehler bring the most advanced technology to ensure their high quality, German made textiles are longer lasting. Valmex® demonstrates superior flexibility, elasticity, airtightness and resistance against mechanical damage and UV. Valmex® is also recyclable. Valmex® is manufactured in Germany under the internationally recognised standard of quality: ISO 9001:2008. Read more about materials for inflatable boats.

The Best Engineering

At True Kit we aim to use the best technology available in the inflatable industry. Many people will have seen poor quality inflatable boats literally falling apart at the (glued) seams after a short period! At True Kit we are safety conscious and that is not an option. The seam can be an inflatable boat's Achilles Heel - or the strongest part. We choose to thermo-weld the seams on our boats to create the strongest bond available (a permanent mechanical bond). A welded seam on a True Kit inflatable actually becomes stronger than the fabric itself (notwithstanding the fact that the fabric we use is the best in the world). Read more about thermo-welding seams for inflatable boats.

Designed by boaties, for boaties

As boaties ourselves, we know the importance of good design. Our new range of boats are completely new designs and are exclusive to True Kit.

Our boats are different to the others. They are not mass-produced. Our focus is on high quality production and that’s why we have put endless hours into the design details. True Kit New Generation designs are the result of extensive testing and refining the designs on the Hauraki Gulf in New Zealand (someone has to do it!). That’s why our boats look better, perform better and last longer than the others. We take pride in the fact that things work all the way down to the last d-ring on the boat. We are driven by innovation and a love of the sea.

Safety and Stability

Safety and stability are important values to True Kit. We realise that when you head out on the water, safety is a number one priority. Our unique catamaran design and oversize pontoons mean True Kit inflatables exhibit superior buoyancy and stability. Many people are surprised that you can actually stand up in our boats! Multiple chambers add to the safety and welded seams means you will take your family on the water with peace of mind. In fact, True Kit inflatables are now being used for flood RESCUE and recovery from the water by many organisations around the world.

As well as being very stable, the catamaran design means significantly less drag than a typical deep-v hull. Low-drag hulls allow for the use of much smaller, lighter, more affordable and more fuel-efficient outboard engines. Another big advantage of the cat-hull design is the shallow draught, which is perfect for use in shallow waters and great when beaching your boat - it sits flat on the beach, step out with dry shoes!

Great boats - out of the bag!

True Kit folding boats are completely portable making them perfect for your motorhome, caravan, yacht or back of the car. Our boats take just a few minutes to set up and pack down. They have a removable, high-pressure inflatable floor and high buoyancy round pontoon ends that help the boats perform incredibly well and ensure they can be rolled up into a bag. In fact, our boats are the easiest folding boats to set up and pack down available today. Your True Kit boat will fit in your motorhome, caravan or boot of your car with ease!