True Kit Inflatables - the ultimate angler's companion

For the passionate fisherman, the quest for the perfect fishing spot is never-ending, filled with early mornings, calm sunsets, and the thrill of the catch. True Kit inflatable boats have emerged as the ultimate companion for anglers, merging unparalleled stability with the versatility to access the most secluded fishing havens.

"So easy to use and will be so useful in so many of the places we choose to camp and fish." - Michael Mateljan

True Kit inflatables are easily handled in the bag - they are so portable

Portable Storage

Take your True Kit with you on your fishing adventures. Stow it away in the car and unpack it and set up in minutes.

Standing up in the True Kit Discovery landing craft - amazing stability

Stable Enough to Stand

Sometimes you want to stand up for casting or even to get a better view of the fishing grounds. The stable catamaran platform of a True Kit makes this possible.

Setting up the True Kit is very easy with the hand pump

Easy to Set Up

True Kit folding inflatable boats are the easiest and fastest in the world to set up.  Keep one in the yacht, the motorhome or the back seat of your car.

"Been fishing (with x4 of us(big swells)) 17 snapper! free diving and spear fishing as well and we got it there on our roof rack! Awesome!" - Martin Stock