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The Ultimate Angler's Companion: True Kit Inflatables

The Ultimate Angler's Companion: True Kit Inflatables

The Ultimate Angler's Companion: True Kit Inflatables


For the passionate fisherman, the quest for the perfect fishing spot is never-ending, filled with early mornings, calm sunsets, and the thrill of the catch. True Kit inflatable boats have emerged as the ultimate companion for anglers, merging unparalleled stability with the versatility to access the most secluded fishing havens. Let's dive into why True Kit inflatables are not just boats but the ultimate fishing platforms, combining expert-level features to suit every fishing expedition.

Launching a True Kit Discovery with the QuickLok Dinghy Wheels

Customer Quote: "Been fishing (with x4 of us(big swells)) 17 snapper! free diving and spear fishing as well and we got it there on our roof rack! Awesome!"

Stand-Up Stability: A Game Changer on the Water

One of the most remarkable features of True Kit inflatable boats is their exceptional stand-up stability. Thanks to the innovative inflatable catamaran design, anglers can confidently stand and cast, sending their lure with precision. This stability transforms the fishing experience, allowing for better angling techniques and, ultimately, a more successful day of fishing. Imagine the edge you'll have when you can sight-fish with ease, all thanks to the secure platform beneath your feet.

True Kit Discovery showing stand up stability

Customer Quote: "My mate sat up front and liked the fact he could put his feet up on the scooped bow. Even with just 4hp boat went well and handled great. It’s comfortable and super stable. Had a successful fishing session and caught some nice bass (catch and release)."

Access Uncharted Waters with Ease

The true spirit of fishing lies in the exploration of untouched waters, where the promise of a great catch awaits. True Kit's lightweight and portable design make it possible to access spots that were previously inaccessible, opening up a world of fishing possibilities. Unpack your True Kit inflatable fishing craft from your vehicle and set up in minutes.  Adding a set of True Kit's unique QuickLok Dinghy Wheels will bring even the most remote spot within reach.

Quietness on the Water: Stealth Mode Activated

Silence is golden, especially in fishing. The quietness of True Kit inflatable boats on the water is a boon for anglers looking to sneak up on their prey. The minimal noise and water disturbance mean you can approach sensitive fishing spots without spooking the fish, giving you a significant advantage - especially for shallow water fishing. It's like being in stealth mode.

Customer Quote: "Absolutely love my new TRUE KIT DISCOVERY 400!!! It’s so light and easy to throw in and get to the lake."

Customize Your Fishing Experience

True Kit inflatable boats are not just fishing vessels; they're blank canvases waiting to be personalized with a myriad of accessories. Whether you need rod holders, gear bags, or mounting points for your fish finder, the ability to accessorize your True Kit makes it the Swiss Army knife of fishing boats.  QuickLok Dinghy Wheels will give you the mobility to access the previously inaccessible while the True Kit Bimini sun canopy will allow hours in the sun without damage.  Our new Premium Seat Bags will keep all your gear secure and dry.

True Kit bimini

Customer Quote: "Feels safe and handled superbly. Construction is top quality but boat is so light. Had a successful fishing session and caught some nice bass (catch and release). Love this boat. If you’re thinking about a new small craft, I reckon this is the one to get. It’s brilliant."

Drift or Anchor with Confidence

The versatility of True Kit inflatables extends to their adaptability on the water. Whether you prefer to use a drift chute to explore a larger area or anchor in a promising spot, these boats are designed to accommodate your fishing strategy.  We have installed d-rings up near the bow for secure anchor points.

Using a drift chute with a True Kit inflatable is ideal for drift fishing

Load Up Without Slowing Down

True Kit inflatable boats boast an impressive carrying capacity, allowing you to load up with all your gear, a companion, or even a four-legged fishing buddy. You can expect great performance despite the load, ensuring you have everything you need for a day (or night) of fishing adventures. Gone are the days of choosing between your cooler and your tackle box; with True Kit, you can bring the lot.

True Kit boats catch more fish

Customer Quote: "So easy to use and will be so useful in so many of the places we choose to camp and fish."

A Fishing Adventure Awaits

With True Kit inflatable boats, every fishing trip becomes an adventure, a chance to make memories, and perhaps, land the catch of a lifetime (or at least a feed for dinner!).

True Kit isn't just creating boats; they're crafting the ultimate fishing companions, designed to elevate your fishing game and enrich your connection with the water. Gear up, cast off, and let the good times roll - your True Kit inflatable is adventure ready!

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