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Safety - We take it seriously

Safety - We take it seriously

When it comes to creating a safe boat there are a number of areas we concentrate on: The materials, the construction and the design.

We use the finest quality Valmex fabric which is produced by Mehler in Germany.  Mehler have been manufacturing the highest quality textiles for close to 70 years.  In fact, when you see those stadium roofs with a fabric covering, that are exposed to harsh European winters and summers - the chances are the fabric is by Mehler.  If it's good enough to use on a stadium roof all year around, year after year, it's good enough for us.

True Kit Folding Inflatable Boat with Valmex

For the construction the most important consideration is the seams.  The seams are under constant pressure from the 3psi that is put into the tubes.  Seams can be glued or welded.  Glued seams have been proven to fail relatively quickly in our typically harsh UV conditions.  Welded seams are fused together using a combination of hot air at 400-700 degrees celsius and high pressure from 2 rollers pressing the two layers of fabric together.  Unlike a glued seam, once it's welded, it's welded - it can't be undone.  That's why most manufacturers prefer glued seams because a glued mistake can just be pulled apart and redone.  Welded seams are permanent!

Thermo Welded Seams

The third important safety concern is design.  We design our True Kit range with stability as a key consideration.  Stability comes from the size of the tubes, the catamaran platform, beam and length and several other factors.  Everyone knows that when you are climbing into or out of a dinghy, stability is important.  It also helps to create a great fishing platform so you can stand up to cast out.  The other important safety feature that we incorporate into all our inflatables is multiple air chambers.  This means that if for some reason you get a puncture in one part of the tube, there should always be enough buoyancy to make it safely to shore.

Standing up stability in a folding dinghy

Stability in a True Kit folding dinghy

Stand up in your True Kit inflatable boat

Standing up in folding inflatable boat to cast out

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