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Foiling Behind a True Kit Inflatable

Foiling Behind a True Kit Inflatable

If you have never heard of foiling or seen it before, you are not alone.  But the chances are with the current growth of this activity you soon will.

Foils create lift and are used underneath many watercraft including surfboards, SUPs, kiteboards, windsurfers and yachts.  Many will have seen the last Americas Cup with the foiling catamarans reaching speeds close to 50 knots.  

Foiling behind True Kit Discovery

Once the foil starts moving forwards it begins to create lift.  Depending on factors such as the size and shape of the foil, the weight on top, the sea state etc at a certain speed the board will begin to lift out of the water.  Once this happens the drag drastically reduces and along with it most of the noise.  The result is an incredibly quiet and smooth ride above the water.

So you no longer need a big boat with a big engine to tow someone around.  A small True Kit inflatable can be an ideal platform for towing a foiling SUP around.  You can get the person foiling above the water as slow as around 8 knots and can even do it with a very small outboard like a 5hp!

True Kit Discovery

If you want to tow something like a foiling SUP behind your True Kit you will need to add 2 towing eyes on either side of the outboard and make up a small bridle that allows the towline to sit behind the outboard.  We offer this service when you get you boat from us and we always use stainless steel 316 (marine grade) eyebolts and seal it up using Sikaflex Marine 291.

Make the most of your fun time in your True Kit and have a foiling experience.

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